SYMPHONY demo at GSS 2015 Conference

The SYMPHONY project will contribute to the GSS 2015 Conference with an interactive demo where the audience will be able to observe the effects of different fiscal and monetary policies on the SYMPHONY artificial economy as well as to interact with the simulated economy by directly testing appropriate policies. In particular, participants at the demo session will be able to register to a serious game interface where they will play the roles of the Government or of the Central Bank by dynamically setting the tax rate or interest rate values in responses to the observed economic and financial outcomes. 
Both economic and sustainable aspects will be considered during the demo session. The demo audience is expected to gain a deeper understanding of the causes and remedies of the crisis and to understand how to tune fiscal incentives to foster the transition to a sustainable energy production and consumption path according to the European commission roadmap.
Organized by GSS projects funded by the European Commission,
in collaboration with Genoa Science Festival
Genova, 28–30 October 2015
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Monday, October 5, 2015 - 15:00
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