Policy Compass at Central and Eastern European e|Dem and e|Gov Days 2016!

The main theme of this year’s Central and Eastern European e|Dem and e|Gov Days conference (CEEEGOVDays 2016) is to explore how ICT can act as an enabler for transparent and open policy-making process.

The conference aims to answer questions such as: How can IT contribute to the aforementioned goal? What are the chances and the risks of the use of ICT to promote a European system of Multi-Level eGovernance? What are best practices which could serve as a model for the development of such a system?

This conference addresses public sector practitioners and policy makers, industry professionals and academia alike. The disciplines covered are primarily information sciences, law and administrative science, political science, sociology and economics.

Policy Compass will be represented by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and will be presenting a scientific publication titled “A New Indicator of Social Welfare: A Citizen Centered and Open Data Oriented Approach“.

Stay tuned for more details!

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Panagiotis Kokkinakos
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Friday, April 22, 2016 - 10:54