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Project Name: Non-Equilibrium Social Science

Description: NESS stands for Non-Equilibrium Social Science. The aim of this new scientific community is to ensure that the social sciences are put on a proper footing for the 21st century. A key focus of the community is economics, where the equilibrium approach (though dominant) struggles to capture the economic realities we observe in the world today.

But NESS is related to all the social sciences, together with ICT approaches and tools. Modern computer techniques have made possible both the integration of larger information sets and the exploration of disequilibrium behaviour. However, we are still in the infancy of making the best use of multidisciplinary analysis. Too often vested interests get in the way of real advance. NESS is a network of leading scholars and practitioners from all social science disciplines to apply and focus these advances to make real progress in understanding complex social and economic systems.

Contact Name: Jorge Louçã