INSIGHT demo by CeDInt-UPM at GSS 2015 Conference


The INSIGHT Project demo at GSS 2015 will be presented by CeDInt-UPM (Research Centre for Smart Buildings and Energy Efficiency, Technical University of Madrid) and by CASA-UCL (Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London)
CeDInt-UPM demo

CeDInt-UPM will show four case studies developed in the context of the INSIGHT Project and aimed to the visually-aided exploration of relevant datasets. Their goal is to reveal patterns underlying local interaction dynamics between housing, retail and public services in several European cities. We will also present other demos focusing on the capture of real time information for the understanding and analysis of real environments. These include the identification and tracking of vessels within the harbour of Cartagena and the virtual representation of the Montegancedo Campus relying on the data obtained from a network of sensor devices.

Case studies developed in the context of the INSIGHT project for the cities of Barcelona and Rotterdam.

Identification and tracking of vessels in the harbor of Cartagena.

Virtual representation of the Montegancedo campus relying on the data obtained by a network of sensor devices.


Organized by GSS projects funded by the European Commission,
in collaboration with Genoa Science Festival
Genova, 28–30 October 2015
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015 - 11:15
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