GSS 2015 - Conference on Global Systems Science

Description of Event: 

Everything is Connected

Equilibrium and Disequilibrium in Social, Economic and Political Systems


Organized by GSS projects funded by European Commission in collaboration with Genoa Science Festival

Genova, 28–30 October 2015


Philosophers have been reminding us for millennia that everything in the universe is connected to everything else in one enormous complex system. While this has always been true, until recently the propagation of states of the many sub-systems was so slow that they appeared to be disconnected. The advent of globalisation, the internet, and instantaneous propagation of system state have outrun human ability to understand the complexity of modern, global systems. In parallel, our ability to capture information about events in the real-world, to communicate, to store, and to analyse such information has made extraordinary progress. We are approaching a state where almost everything that determines how we live is capable of being observed and analysed. Global systems science (GSS) is a policy-related scientific program dedicated to research in applying systems science and large scale data analysis and models to global challenges including climate change, pandemics, sustainable growth, energy sufficiency, financial crisis, urbanisation and global conflict. These challenges are all ‘global’ and ‘borderless’, i.e. they are shared worldwide and they tightly connect policies across different sectors. They necessitate joint action and coordination across various networks of actors with different interests. The conference will elaborate on how systemic thinking, models and data can help address such coordination problems in policy, society, and economy.

The conference consists of plenary sessions where one speaker will give a key note to a broad audience , public conference sessions where  2-3 speakers will elaborate on an area of importance to GSS, and a session on 'young scholars awards' where young scholars from a paper  competition will present their results. Throughout the conference there will be practical demonstrations in the science festival of results in GSS for a general audience

The conference will be co-organised between the Global Systems Science Cluster in European Commission the Genoa Science Festival, and the Centre of Excellence for HPC and GSS.


Organizing Committee

    Filippo Addarii

    Stefano Battiston

    Silvano Cincotti (Chair)

    Ralph Dum

    Colin Harrison

    Ricardo Herranz

    Bastian Koller


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