Emergence By Design (MD)

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What is MD

The overriding imperative for our society is continued economic growth and the engine of this growth is innovation. But an increasing frequency and scale of crises urge us to pose the question: is “the innovation society” sustainable? Innovation is almost exclusively driven by market values while societal values don’t even play the right game to enter the match. To make matters even worse, regardless of what drives innovation, the fundamental directions of societal evolution are strongly locked-in by feedback relations.

Social Innovation has recently come to the fore as a potential force of fundamental change in how society goes about innovation. But while there are many tools and channels for purely market-driven innovation – social innovation is still in its infancy. There is a need for both theory and new tools to help these organizations face their unique challenges and there is a need for an improved basic understanding of how innovation acts in societal systems from the perspective of this new type of actors.

The vision of Emergence by Design is to develop an international community around new theory, practices and tools able to construct a socially sustainable future. This international community, founded on existing social innovation groups, will collectively develop these new practices and tools on the basis of a shared theoretical understanding of how to drive and support social change.

    The goal of MD is to construct a community centered around our theories of change, supported by co-evolution with our ICT tools and collaboration platforms.
    To practice change, one must first have an understanding of socio technical change. MD has developed, and is developing, a deeper understanding of change processes.
    Based on our theories of change, we are building together with a community new methods for how to practice and evaluate processes of change.
    MD is developing new tools for organizing change, centered around practices and processes in an international community of change practitioners.