DOLFINS / SIMPOL projects demos by the Jozef Stefan Institute team at GSS 2015

Demos and infographics at GSS 2015 provided by the Jozef Stefan Institute team in the framework of the DOLFINS/SIMPOL projects.
The goal is to demonstrate the analysis of big data and major events, related to the EU policy making process.
1)  Infographics (A0 poster): EU parliament groups

We show how are the automatically detected network communities, created from the co-voting and retweet networks, related to the actual political groups in the EU parliament.



2)   Demo: Major news events
We are collecting predominantly financial, worldwide news, over the last four years. We create a multi-layer news network, which exhibits temporal evolution of the co-occurrence of entities layer, the major news events layer, and the corresponding sentiment layer. The live spatio-temporal network visualization is provided at



3)   Demo and infographics (A0 poster): The refugee crisis
We demonstrate the evolution of the recent refugee crisis, happening right now. We monitor the engagement of the European population on Twitter in relation to the migration issues, and their sentiment leaning in different European countries. The evolution in recent weeks will be demonstrated with geo-coded Twitter response on a country-level map of Europe. 



Organized by GSS projects funded by the European Commission,
in collaboration with Genoa Science Festival
Genova, 28–30 October 2015
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Sunday, October 25, 2015 - 12:30
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