Welcome to the GSS portal

The GSS portal will bring together researchers and stakeholders
in Global Systems Science - GSS.

The portal will cover all aspects of the policy and research
programme GSS in the European Commission. It will present
ongoing research projects funded in EC, world-wide efforts,
success stories, and underlying motivation of GSS.


Info Day

The European Commission, Future and Emerging Technologies
(FET) organised an Information Day for the Horizon 2020 Work
Programme 2014-2015: Future and Emerging Technologies on
20/01/2014 in Brussels.


Info Day GSS session

Global Systems Science is a FET Proactive Initiative under
Horizon 2020 that seeks to improve the way scientific
knowledge can help inform and evaluate policy and societal
responses to global challenges like climate change and global
financial crises.


GSS space at the Portal

Central web place for all Horizon 2020 - research and
innovation framework programme calls and funding opportunities
is the Participant Portal.


Scientific evidence-based policies and dialogues in an interconnected world

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