Learn how Global Systems Science can inform and model
the impact of social, economic, political and environmental
policy making.

by Jeffrey Johnson, Evelyn Panagakou, and Tot Foster


Welcome to the GSS portal

The GSS portal brings together researchers and stakeholders
in Global Systems Science - GSS.

The portal covers all aspects of the policy and research
programme GSS in the European Commission. It presents
ongoing research projects funded in EC, world-wide efforts,
success stories, and underlying motivation of GSS.

Equilibrium and Disequilibrium in Social, Economic
and Political Systems

Organized by GSS projects funded by European Commission
in collaboration with the Genoa Science Festival

The conference was held in Genova – 28–30 October 2015


EU Community

EU Community is an European initiative for creating
a series of tools and services to help you make
sense of today’s EU policy-making.

It provides decision makers with better policy options by
combining social media interactions, qualified contributors,
document curation, visual analysis and online as well as
offline trust-building tools.


The greatest concern of the global political agenda has
been to find a way to overcome the crisis and
therefore to look for effective policy instruments
and even for new theoretical economic frameworks.

SYMPHONY aims at providing a set of innovative ICT tools,
integrated in a platform designed to tackle these pressing issues.


Financial Systems SIMulation and POLicy Modelling

In SIMPOL, network science, big data and ICT’s
meet economics and financial regulation . New
methods will be developed to assess the systemic
importance of market players in complex (climate)
financial networks and investigate which regulations
could help to ignite a transition towards a greener economy.

Policy Compass

The main goal of Policy Compass is to develop a
research prototype of an easy-to-use, highly visual
and intuitive tool for social networks and eParticipation
platforms, enabling citizens and public officials to easily
create, apply, share, embed, annotate and discuss
causal models, charts and graphs of historical data from
trusted open data sources.


CONSENSUS project will strive to model existing real
world user cases and deliver the tools that can, provide
policy makers with optimal choices based on a number
of relevant criteria.
This investigation will cover two user-cases: one dealing
with Biofuels and Climate Change (EU Renewable
Energy Directive), and the other dealing with the
Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T).


The ultimate objective of the Sense4us project is to take
recent advances in policy modelling and simulation, data
analytics and social network discussion dynamics.

Sense4us will further develop them into integrated tools
which will make public service and policy provision faster
and more effective.


This project proposes to apply ICT tools in this way to
yield insights on the industrial competitiveness and fragility
of countries, the evolution of technologies and capabilities,
the network of products, the adaptability of companies,
and the ecology of E-commerce.


INSIGHT (Innovative Policy Modelling and Governance
Tools for Sustainable Post-Crisis Urban Development)
is a research project aiming to investigate how ICT,
with particular focus on data science and complexity theory,
can help European cities formulate and evaluate policies to
stimulate a balanced economic recovery and a sustainable
urban development.


Bringing CItizens, Models and Data together in Participatory,
Interactive SociaL EXploratories
We propose visionary research to develop modeling,
computational, and ICT tools needed to predict and influence
disease spread and other contagion phenomena in complex
social systems. We will develop models dealing with multiple
time and length scales simultaneously, leading to the definition
of new, layered computational approaches.

Welcome to the Global Systems Science portal

The tool to foster synergies between researchers and project teams working in the spirit of global systems science

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